St Albans Bookfair

Paton Books no longer run their Annual Bookfair at St Albans Town Hall

After 50 years of selling books in St Albans, we have decided not to continue with our Annual Bookfair.

Our business started in 1962 as a bookshop in Holywell Hill. The shop came to specialise in secondhand and collectable books. It was a favorite destination for serious readers until it closed in 2007.

We started running our Annual Bookfair at St Albans Town Hall in 1986. The Bookfair sold new books at reduced prices and was mainly located in the old Regency courtroom. Our last Bookfair was held in 2012. Another bookseller is hoping to run a sale at St Albans Town Hall at the times we would traditionally have been there. If so we wish them well.

We would like to thank our past customers for the loyal support that they gave over many years.